Technology Rentals for Corporate Events Now Available in Canada

When it comes to exceptional Technology rentals in Canada, trust Hire Tablets Canada, an award-winning and industry-leading company. We offer a broad range of rental options for daily, weekly, or monthly periods to cater to your needs, whether for upcoming events or business setups. Contact us now for an excellent IT rental services quote in Canada. 

Achieve Success for Your Business in Canada With the Help of Our Technology Rentals

Hire Tablets is an award-winning rental company providing technology rental solutions for businesses in Canada, the US, and beyond. Our inventory includes laptops, phones, tablets, printers, projectors, giant iTabs, digital signage, event AV solutions, Mac technologies, scanners, accessories, EPOS & payment terminals, and event Wi-Fi.  

We also offer registration & badging solutions, printing, logistics, event staff, project office & managed services to ensure a successful event. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and offer suitable equipment and services. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, from consultation to setup. Contact us today for your event needs. 

Enjoy the Success of Your Events with State-of-the-Art
IT Rentals

Opt for Hire Tablets Canada to elevate your events with our outstanding IT rental services and guarantee a successful and productive experience for you and your attendees.  

Maintain Scalability and Flexibility With Our Laptop Service

Laptops have become a crucial tool for communication in companies and organizations. Many businesses provide their staff and event attendees with high-quality laptops to boost productivity and interest while on the go. Hire Tablets offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses renting laptops in Canada for paperless exams, training programs, seminars, or business conferences and presentations.  

Our laptop Rental options include Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple’s MacBook line, and MSI. We prepare and ship our laptops as soon as possible, with delivery starting immediately after placing an order to ensure on-time arrival. Contact us today to learn more about our rental laptop service and begin your order. 

Keep Your Event Participants Connected With Our Mobile Rentals

Staying connected is crucial in today’s world, especially at corporate events. At Hire Tablets, we recognize this and offer a broad selection of mobile phone rentals to keep your attendees connected throughout your event. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and ensuring that your attendees have access to the latest mobile devices for an enhanced event experience.  

Our rental inventory includes the newest smartphones from top manufacturers like Apple and Android phones, including the iPhone 8 through iPhone 14 Pro and Samsung 7 through Samsung 21. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to identify your specific requirements and recommend the best mobile phone rental solution to suit your needs. Choose us for your next event and keep your attendees connected. 

Satisfy Your Business Requirements in Canada With Mac Rentals

At Hire Tablets, we provide top-quality Mac rental services to meet your business needs in Canada. Our extensive inventory includes iMacs, MacBook Pros, and Mac servers, ensuring we can provide you with the necessary equipment for your specific requirements. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and suggest the most appropriate Mac technologies solution for your business, whether you need to set up a temporary office, run a software demo, or provide your team with the latest technology.  

Our rental services are flexible, with competitive rates to ensure maximum value for your investment. You can rely on our efficient and dependable services to meet your business needs. Contact Hire Tablets Canada today to experience the best Mac technologies services for your business in Canada. 

Enhance Your Attendee Experience With Our Event AV Rental Solutions

Hire Tablets CA provides a comprehensive audio-visual rental service for various events, including festivals, corporate conferences, product launches, and exhibitions. We offer a vast selection of AV equipment for rent, such as PCs, digital signage, LED walls, speakers, microphones, projectors, PA systems, and screens, to ensure a seamless audio and visual experience.  

Our expert technicians work with you to identify your specific needs and provide tailored solutions to meet your audio and visual requirements. Choose Hire Tablets for your next event and access high-quality AV equipment at competitive rates and flexible rental periods. Ensure a successful event and boost your company’s reputation with our top-of-the-line equipment. 

Boost Your Business Productivity With Our Scanner Rental Solutions

Hire Tablets can boost your business operations’ productivity by offering scanner rental services. Scanners are crucial for accelerating tasks and simplifying workflows in various business operations. We understand the importance of having the right equipment to improve productivity and efficiency. We offer diverse scanners, such as the Zebra Barcode Scanner, Linea Pro Scanner, and RFID Reader, to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced team can provide the right scanner rental solution for short-term projects or long-term events. Our scanner rental services can streamline workflows, reduce manual labor, and improve the organization, storage, and sharing of crucial business documents and data. Trust Hire Tablets to optimize your business operations with our top-notch scanner rental solutions.   

Rent High-Quality Printers for Your Business or Event

Hire Tablets provides high-quality printer rental solutions for businesses and events. Our versatile printers are suitable for various events, from standard desktop printers for office work to badge printers like the Zebra ZD620 and Epson C3500, ideal for producing high-quality badge stock for event check-ins and lead capture. Our rental catalog also includes a range of receipt printers suitable for festivals and trade shows. Whether you need short-term or long-term printer rentals, we have the perfect solution.  

Our inventory features laser, inkjet, and thermal printers from reputable manufacturers like Epson, Brother, and Zebra. With our printer rental service, businesses can quickly and easily produce a wide range of materials during events, maximizing their time at the event. Choose Hire Tablets for exceptional service and top-quality equipment for your printer rental needs. 

Improve Your Presentation With Our Projector Rental Services

At Hire Tablets, we offer state-of-the-art projector rental services to help you deliver an impactful presentation. Our top-quality business projectors, such as the OPTOMA Full HD Business Projector, provide high-resolution imaging and advanced features to enhance your presentation.  

Our team of experts will collaborate with you to identify your specific needs and provide tailored rental solutions that meet your requirements. Our flexible rental services come with competitive rates and flexible rental periods. Choose Hire Tablets for your next presentation and impress your audience with our exceptional projector rental services. 

Discover the Ideal Accessories for Your Business or Event With Our Help

Hire Tablets offers a comprehensive range of rental accessories to elevate your business or event. From chargers, adapters, mice, and keyboards, we have a wide selection of equipment to meet your needs, ensuring you are always ready. Our inventory includes accessories from reputable manufacturers such as HP, Apple, Dell, and Lenovo, providing you with access to top-of-the-line technology.  

With our flexible rental periods and competitive rates, you can easily find the right accessories to suit your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our accessory rental solutions and how we can elevate your next event or business project. 

Enjoy the Success of Your Events with Our Rental Services

Choose Hire Tablets Canada to take your events to the next level with our exceptional IT rental services, ensuring a successful and productive experience for both you and your attendees. 

Why Choose Hire Tablets Canada?

At Hire Tablets, we provide exceptional event technology solutions to ensure  reliable and robust technology access for your attendees. We guarantee the success of your event with our top-of-the-line technology solutions and exceptional customer service. Experience the difference with Hire Tablets, your one-stop company for all your event technology needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and let us help you provide your attendees with a seamless and enjoyable experience with reliable internet connectivity.

Global Reach

With a worldwide presence across 60 countries, we provide coverage, shipping, installation, and on-site support to more than 5,000 businesses globally.

Technical Assistance

We are committed to delivering excellent customer service through our round-the-clock remote and on-site technical support services specifically designed for IT rentals.

Flexible Rental Terms

We understand that every business or event has unique requirements. That is why our rental periods are flexible, and we can accommodate your specific needs.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

We provide fast and reliable delivery services for IT technology rentals to any destination in Canada, the United States, or worldwide.

Tested And Approved Devices

Our equipment undergoes comprehensive testing and approval prior to every event. Giving you the confidence to trust in their reliability and quality.

A Wide Selection of Options

We offer many rental options, including iPads, scanners, Macs, mobile phones, wireless printers, and portable printers. These can be combined with our event technology solutions.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“We recently rented laptops and Zebra printers from Hire Tablets in Canada and were extremely satisfied with their rental service. The delivery was prompt and well-organized, resulting in a fantastic experience overall. The Hire Tablets team displayed excellent communication, packing, and on-site support, contributing to their highly commendable service.” 

Frequently Asked Questions 

At Hire Tablets, we recognize that you may have inquiries or concerns regarding IT equipment rentals for your events. Therefore, we have created a list of frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions: 

To rent IT equipment from Hire Tablets, contact our team through our website or phone. Our experts will help you select the appropriate equipment and provide a rental quote. Once you accept the quote, we will deliver the equipment to your event location and guide you through setup and operation. 

At Hire Tablets, we are committed to providing the latest and highest-quality IT equipment for business settings, corporate events, and meeting spaces worldwide. Our team of experts specializes in worldwide shipping, installation, and on-site assistance, with a presence in over 60 countries across six continents, including various locations in Canada, the US, and beyond. Our professionals can help you select the perfect IT equipment that meets your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can enhance your business or event. 

At Hire Tablets, we offer round-the-clock support throughout the rental period to ensure a seamless and successful event. Our team is readily available to assist if you encounter any equipment problems. 

Hire Tablets offers flexible rental periods for their IT equipment to meet your specific event requirements. We can customize the rental plan based on your preferences, whether you need the equipment for a day, a week, or longer. You can rely on our team to provide a rental plan that works best for you. 

We provide additional services such as setup, installation, and on-site support for all types of events in Canada and around the world.